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The Russkiy Toy Breed (russian toy terrier,russian toy dog)

The Russkiy Toy is a relatively new breed that only recently joined the FCI. After its acceptance into this international kennel association, interest in this breed has grown rapidly. The explanation for the increase in interest is simple. Before those who wanted the tiniest dog in the whole world sought out the Chihuahua, but now the Chihuahua has a competitor: the Russkiy Toy.

The Russkiy Toy’s hair may be short or long:



different colors: black-tan, red, red sable, red-brown, brown-tan, blue-tan or pale-yellow.

The Russkiy Toy is truly tiny ranging from 20 to 28 centimeters in height and weighing up to only 3 kilograms. There are specimens in this breed that are very small, but these do not make good breeding dogs. A good breeding weight for a Russkiy Toy is no less than 1.8 kilograms. Female dogs usually give birth to one, two or even three puppies with a litter of four or five being very rare.

Great care should be taken if you have a Russkiy Toy. Sometime this dog can be harmed by falling or jumping from it owners arms. And one should be careful when opening and shutting doors to make sure they are not harmed when going through swinging doors. The Russkiy Toy is a tender and loyal companion deserving your warmest attention.

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