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Russkiy Toy breeding. Choosing female and male. Selection of a pair

Breeding of Russkiy Toy is specific.

Choosing a Russkiy Toy female for breeding
A female for breeding should not be tiny. It's desirable weight 2-3 kg. Though some tiny Russkiy Toy females is able to give birth with out cesarion. But buying of tiny female for breeding- it's always risk.
Ability of giving birth with out cesarion and fertility (many embryos in a litter) is inherited by mother's line- from mother to daughter. Russkiy Toy breeders notice that quantity of puppies in a litter is not depending on a father. Even he is from fertility litter or fertility family. He does not give his daughter ability to give many embryos.
A female Russkiy Toy for breeding not certainly should be hight Champion quality. But certainly she should has right anatomy and good ancestors.

Choosing a Russkiy Toy male for breeding
You should to choose a male for breeding more captiously than female. Dont buy a big male, even he has great anatomy. Because medium or small females will have big embryos and probably will not be able to give birth with out cesarion.
Choosing a stud male- it's lottery always. You is able to say about his quality only after getting puppies from him.
Of course, stud male should has right anatomy and value ancestors in pedigree.
Check up fallen orchies.
Temperament of future stud male is very important. You can read in standart of the breed that appearance of females and males is not different almost. But they are different in temperament and behaviour. Male should be active, brave, lively, has harmonious mentality. If you buy a shy puppy male, you can have problems in future. Such male will be shy and not brave and probably he will be afraid females. You will not be able to use this stud.

Selection of a pair for breeding.
Even interchampion male can be unsuitable for your female. The reason is -he turnes out mediocre or bad parent. Look at children of this male. Is he giving them value merits?
In the first time when you choose a pair for breeding, you should to consider all faults and merits of each partner. And select it thus that faults of an one partner is compensated by merits of a second partner. For example, if your female has raised part of the body, thus she needs malw with strong right line of the top or with raised front part of the body. But dont go into extremes! For example, your female not enought square format, she does not need male with very long legs and short lenght of the body! She needs just square format male!
If to say about sizes of partners, it's should select of male and female with the same weight. But if you have very big female, you can use for her smaller male or male who gives small children.
Very desirable to learn ancestors from pedigrees. It helps to predict colors of puppies. It also helps to solve other problems. Has female and male the same ancestors in their pedigrees? Is it need to make inbreeding on it? What do you wish to fix in puppies by this way?
Learn genetics of colors.
Learn inheritance of diseases.

Diana Elisova and Elena Kratko