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Genetics of rarely colors. Combination of colors.

Domination of colors is inherited on decreasing in one after another :RED, BLACK&TAN, BROWN&TAN. It's the classic(bright) colors.These colors give weakened colors( PALE-YELLOW, BLUE&TAN and LILAC&TAN) if it has weakened genes (it's recessive and that's way is rarely).

Weakened colors with TAN (BLUE&TAN and LILAC&TAN) usually are sticked together with genes which weakens immunity of a puppy (as the result is frequent diethes in the first days of living or death born) and with bold blue&tan dobermann's gene . As the result is losing of hair in age older 5 years old. Some dogs start to lose hair in 6 monthes old, some dogs only after 5 years old. Not all dogs suffer because of these disease, only part of dogs.
We told now only about BLUE&TAN and LILAC&TAN.
PALE-YELLOW dogs has not these defects in breeding.

Combination of colors:

BLUE&TAN+BLACK&TAN= black&tan, blue&tan (if black&tan parent has weakened gene), brown&tan and pale-yellow (if both parents has brown&tan ancestors and black&tan parent has weakened gene)

BLUE&TAN+ PALE-YELLOW= pale&yellow, blue&tan, lilac&tan (if both parents has brown&tan ancestors).

BLUE&TAN+BLUE&TAN= blue&tan and lilac&tan (if both parents has brown&tan ancestors).
DANGER ! Risk of death bornes!

BLUE&TAN+RED= all colors, but brown&tan if both parents has brown&tan ancestors. ATTENTION! If a red parent is homozygous, that's way all puppies will be only red!

BROWN&TAN+BLACK&TAN=black&tan and brown&tan.

BROWN&TAN+BROWN&TAN=only brown&tan.

BROWN&TAN+PALE-YELLOW= red, black&tan, pale-yellow and blue&tan and lilac&tan (if brown&tan parent has weakened gene), brown&tan (if pale-yellow parent has brown&tan ancestors).

BROWN&TAN+BLUE&TAN= black&tan, lilac&tan and blue&tan (if brown&tan parent has weakened gene), brown&tan (if blue&tan parent has brown&tan ancestors).

BROWN&TAN+RED= all colors, but usually classic colors. For getting weakened colors both parents has to has weakened gene.

About weakened genes. It's recessive, that's way it is impossible to see by eyes in gene pool of a animal. It's possible only to assume. However in 100% it's in a dog which was getted from pale-yellow, blue&tan or lilac&tan dogs. That is a blue&tan dog has weakened gene if her one of parents is blue&tan or pale-yellow or lilac&tan. A dog was getted from bright colors parents also can be the carrier of weakened gene, but to know this is possible that's way only getting puppies from her.

For example, RIKI TIKI TAVI has given some pale-yellow puppies. So,of course,he has weakened gene in heterozygous condition. Theoretically it's possible to get from him blue&tan and lilac&tan puppies( because RIKI TIKI TAVI has brown&tan mother). But it's impossible to learn whence he has weakened gene... Because we see only dogs which he has in his pedigree. Not more. So, recessive genes can be in hidden kind and to be transferred from parents to puppies in many generations . That's way is always difficultly to learn getting blue&tan or lilac&tan dog from classic colors parents! Though, breeders has noticed some attributes: blue&tan puppies are more often borned from red&sable dogs, not from pure red parents which has brown&tan ancestors. There is pale-yellow ancestors in parents pedigree.
Often was getted blue&tan puppies in inbreeding on red&sable dog.
Never use blue&tan parents.Because as 2 merle dogs. Merle color always is sticked together with semilethal recessive gene (as in blue&tan color). If to use both merle parents we'll get not much black and heterozygous merle puppies. Homozygous merle puppies will death in period of mother pregnancy or will born white and deaf.

Elena Kratko