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Contract sale and purchase of the dog

Citizen______________________, passport №_________________, given_________________
further named “Seller” from one side and
Citizen______________________, passport №_________________, given_________________
Further named “Buyer” from two side, conclude this contract about following matter.

1.The subject of the contract.

1.1.In accordance with this contract “Seller” passes “Buyer” one Russkiy Toy,
date of birth___________________,
from parents couple:
Father: (male dog) name___________________________, pedigree______________________
Mother: (female dog) name________________________, pedigree______________________
“Buyer” pledges to take this dog and pay for it________________________________________
Extra conditions of payment:
Payment must be in euros.
If chosen puppy is left at the owner, “Buyer” must leave the caution/pawn.
In case “Buyer” refuses the bargain, the pawn isn’t paid back and is the compensation for the commercial risk of the owner. In case “Seller” refuses the bargain the pawn is given back in full.
The sum of the pawn is discussed by mutial consent, but not less than 30% of the total sum is and the receipt is drawn up.
1.2.Simultaneously with the dog passing “Seller” gives “Buyer” international vet passport with all inoculations according to the age of the puppy.
1.3.Two sides agreed that the quality of the article(dog) is defined due to all honestly got documents of the owner, according to RKF.

2.Commitments of sides.

2.1.1.Pledges to pass the dog with documents from the point 1.2. of this contract.
  • this dog was born from the male and female dogs written in puppy’s card;
  • this dog was got in organization, recognized by RKF;
  • the right absence of third person to the dog;
  • the payment for dog treatment in case of virous disease found within 5 days(since the day of purchase) if “Buyer” has an official vet conclusion, and complete back payment in case the dog dies of virous disease, according to the fixed date(5 days since purchase) due to the vet conclusion about the reasons of death drawn up due to results of post mortem examination by independent veterinary in presence of “Seller”.
2.1.3.Is not responsible for genetically caused anomalies of the dog, and anomalies of physical development, appeared after the purchase and weren’t revealed for the moment of signing the document (incompleteness of teeth, ear problems, wrong bite, acquired in growing process, force-majeur and etc.) (art.476 CC RF).
2.1.4.Affects assistance in growing up the puppy: free consultations and recommendations, preparation for showdogs and competitions, drawing up the Russian pedigree(drawing up the international pedigree is paid by “Buyer”).
2.1.5.Affects possible assistance in placing the dog if “Buyer” is not able to keep the dog any longer (money is not paid back in this case).

2.2.1.Pledged to take the article (the dog and the documents) and pay for it is started in 1.1. of this contract.
2.2.2.In case of puppy’s disease within 5 days since the date of purchase “Buyer” must inform “Seller” about the puppy’s disease within 24 hours.
2.2.3.Pledges to keep the rules of growing,brinding up and training the dog, avoid cruel treatment of the dog.

2.2.4.Must inform “Seller” about impossibility of further keeping the dog.


3.1.Sold dog can’t be exchanged or given back. Exception: the officially established cross-breeding(mutation) of the dog and impossibility of getting the pedigree, which confirms the be longing to the breed, written in puppy’s card.
3.2.All points, specially not specified by this contract are regulated by legislation of the RF, valid for the moment of this contract conclusion.

The contract is signed in two copies having the same legal validity.

4.Personal data

home address___________________________________________________________________
phone number____________________________

home address___________________________________________________________________
phone number____________________________

FOR THE PURCHASE MOMENT the puppy is healthy, has all teeth, all inoculations and was examined by the vet.

2007-2012 ©Diana Elisova