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Date of birth 8 August 2014
5 puppies: 1 female and 1 male- blue-tan, 2 males and 1 female- lilac-tan.
Mother Doch Oblakov s Chernoy Vody
Father Divo Divnoe Dostoynyi Voshisheniya

Date of birth 8 April 2014
5 puppies: 3 males (2 black-tan, 1 red) and 2 females (black-tan and red-sable)
Mother Iskrometnaya Strast iz Kamarilly
Father Veselaya Zagadka Zolotoy Podarok Granda

date of birth 25 March 2014
6 puppies: 4 females (blue-tan, red-lilac, brown-tan, red-brown) and 2 males (lilac-tan and red-lilac)
Mother Volga Sharm Valkiria
Father Shwarz Adler Fan Fan Tulpan

Date of birth 1 April 2014
4 puppies: 3 red males and 1 black-tan female
Mother Volga Sharm Fenechka
Father Veselaya Zagadka Zolotoy Podarok Granda

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Where to buy Russkiy toy

We are Russian professional kennel owners who breed the unique Russkiy Toy Terrier. These dogs are cute and so small that you will wish to have more and more! This breed originated in Russia and is still rare in foreign counties. We are proud of the first foreign breeders who dare to begin breeding these beautiful tiny dogs.

Choosing a puppy at our site you do right choice.

1. You buy a puppy with documents of RKF-FCI, international vetpassport, contract.
2. Our puppies have got vaccination, microchip and examined by vet.
3. 50% money back if sold puppy gets not correct bite or problems with testicles during growing .

1 Shipment
We deliver puppies in any countries. Prepare all travel documents. For our buyers very low prices for shipment.

2 Choose a name for pedigree
If you reserve a puppy younger 1,5 monthes old,- you can choose a name for pedigree by yourself!

3 Russian showdog for free
Before shipment we will show your puppy in showring. So you get a puppy with diplome of Russian showdog and description of russian expert!

4 Discount for mating with a male
Buying female show or breed quality you get 50% discount for 1 mating with any male of our kennel. You can come to us with any female of your kennel.

5 Consultations forever
We give you our professional experience, advices with breeding, choosing dogs. Any information about the breed. Support. Help. Always. In any time.

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