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All what you want to know about Russkiy Toys

russkiy toy terrier The Russkiy Toy Breed (russian toy terrier, russian toy dog)
The Russkiy Toy is a relatively new breed that only recently joined the FCI. After its acceptance into this international kennel association, interest in this breed has grown rapidly. The explanation for the increase in interest is simple. Before those who wanted the tiniest dog in the whole world sought out the Chihuahua, but now the Chihuahua has a competitor: the Russkiy Toy....
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russkiy toy terriers All colors of Russkiy Toys
Pictures of Russkiy Toy Terriers colors
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russian toy terrier Genetics of rarely colors. Combination of colors.
Domination of colors is inherited on decreasing in one after another :RED, BLACK&TAN, BROWN&TAN. It's the classic (bright) colors.These colors give weakened colors( PALE-YELLOW, BLUE&TAN and LILAC&TAN) if it has weakened genes (it's recessive and that's way is rarely)....
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russkiy toy terrier Standard of the breed Russkiy Toy
Brief historical summary.
Faults and eleminating faults of the breed. ...
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russkiy toy terrier Sticking ears.
Sometimes Russkiy Toy puppies has soft ears or it falls when a puppy exchange teeth. Of course dont let ear to be fixed in this pose. For this ear should be sticked. For sticking you need: an empty plastik bottle, plaster with fabrick basis, scissors ....
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russkiy toy terrier Russkiy Toy terrier handling.
You should to train in front of a mirror and to make the same balance as at our pictures! ....
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russkiy toy terrier Additional costs and prices for shipment
On page "Puppies for sale" we indicate only price for puppy. Here you can look prices for shipment of a puppy to different countries
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Dynamic of puppies growing.
Table of puppy's weight.

russkiy toy terrier Russkiy Toy breeding. Choosing female and male. Selection of a pair.
Choosing a Russkiy Toy female for breeding A female for breeding should not be tiny. It's desirable weight 2-3 kg. Though some tiny Russkiy Toy females is able to give birth with out cesarion. But buying of tiny female for breeding- it's always risk. ....
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